27.11.16 1st Long Range Club Champs 800/900 yards



1st Long Range Club Champs 800/900

Once again the wind hammered us and as you can see by the scores no one came away with too much to shout about. Charles had a great day laughing at Iain’s score and giving him plenty of advice and you certainly don’t get any sympathy if you stuff it up. The selling of the farm was a big discussion point and there is hope that we might be able to find another place but early days yet. Derrick tried to get on target with his .223 and Cameron with the .300 Win Mag with no success so it’s back to the drawing board for them. Cathy shot really well today in testing conditions.

The next shoot is the Xmas one on the 18/12/16 and it will be at 800 yds. You will need at least 36 rounds plus of ammo. Iain and I have come up with a cunning master plan that will  confuse everyone and afterward there will a bbq and a few drinkies at the club house. Instead of going to the pub we thought it would be good to have the after match socialising at the clubhouse as it might be the last time we will be able to do it but here’s hoping. Iain is going to try and talk to the new owner on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone helping set up /take down the gear. Charles top scored and great to see Rod back.


                                  800    900

Charles                  51.1    54.0    =  105.1

Iain                          53.5   49.1  = 102.6

Jo                              49.0  48.1  =  97.1

Cathy                      52.2   44.0     =  96.7

Rod                         52.3    43.1  =  95.3

John                        52.1    41.1  =  93.2

Trevor                    39.0    51.1  =  90.1

Ken                         48.2     39.0  =  87.2

Phil                          46.0    35.0   =  81.0