Shooting Information

Shooting Information  

At the Whangarei Rifle Club, we participate in three main disciplines F-TR F-Open and TR. All three of these disciplines shoot on an advanced electronic target system that allows shots to be seen accurately by a mobile device or e-reader.  

Each of these disciplines each requires different skills and knowledge to master. However, all of these disciplines teach the core values of marksmanship and rifle etiquette.  

Here is the specifics around what's involved in each type of shooting.


TR (Tactical Rifle)

Target Rifle is the traditional prone (lying down) shooting position with no rest, using micrometer iron aperture sights and usually a sling attached to a shooting jacket to assist with holding and aiming.

TR Shooting Information

F-TR (Tactical Rifle) 

F-TR is a rifle class that uses an accurate scoped rifle using a 308 caliber bullet. This class allows the use of a front bipod and rear sandbag to provide the utmost accuracy.  

FTR Shooting Information  


F-Open is a rifle class the allows the use of any caliber up to an 8 mil caliber. This class also allows the use of a front rest and rear sandbag.